We operate our properties with an "Owners Eye".  We are long term investors and have the experience to maximize property values as investors or as property managers. We assess each property to ensure maximum income potential.  We build strong relationships with each town, we know each of our tenants on a first-name basis and they know they can call on us at any time.

Kay Realty and a west coast based investor formed a partnership in 2002 to establish a presence in the Northeastern United States. Together we have acquired four shopping centers in Ocean and Atlantic Counties with a combined value exceeding $50 million.  We have completed over $1.9 million in renovations. 

Kay Realty has a diverse background in the development of industrial, retail, urban renewal and warehouse properties throughout New Jersey.  With 40+ years of experience we have created alliances with numerous tenants, owners, managers and financial institutions.  LET US ADVISE YOU WITH OUR EXPERIENCE.  

We provide management and development/purchase opportunities for a Boston based Asset Management/Investor in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  

We provide full construction management services through several outside vendors.  Together we work closely to obtain the best prices and quickest turn-around.  

We understand that different properties need different approaches to property management.  Our Goal is to serve our client's portfolio the way we serve our own.

The above photos are of projects we were responsible for developing and managing.